Image-based drill templates for cervical pedicle screw placement.

  title={Image-based drill templates for cervical pedicle screw placement.},
  author={Timothy Ryken and Brent D Owen and Gary E. Christensen and Joseph M. Reinhardt},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery. Spine},
  volume={10 1},
OBJECT Pedicle screws (PSs) in the cervical spine can provide fixation superior to current fixation methods; however, their implementation is challenging due to the small size of the cervical vertebrae. In this study, the authors explored and evaluated the use of patient-specific, rapid prototype drill templates for PS placement in the cervical spine. The goal of the study was to assess the accuracy of a drill template in the placement of cervical PSs at a single vertebral level. METHODS… CONTINUE READING
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