Image System For The Middle Ultraviolet

  title={Image System For The Middle Ultraviolet},
  author={J. Lowrance and C. Stergis and D. F. Collins},
  booktitle={Optics \& Photonics},
A TV camera system has been developed for imaging ultraviolet sources in the middle ultraviolet region of the spectrum. The imager consists of 200 mm focal length ultraviolet optics with a focal ratio of f/2.7, has a resolution of better than 1/3 milliradian, a 25 mm image intensifier, a filter wheel with filter wavelengths from 2150 to 3250 Angstroms and a CCD focal plane array of 380x488 elements. The performance characteristics of this imager will be given and examples of images of… Expand
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  • D. F. Collins
  • Geology, Engineering
  • Defense, Security, and Sensing
  • 1988
Chapter 4 - Sensors