Image Sponsoring: A Methodology to Match Event and Sponsor

  title={Image Sponsoring: A Methodology to Match Event and Sponsor},
  author={Alain Ferrand and Monique Pages},
  journal={Journal of Sport Management},
This study is part of a larger investigation concerned with a methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of image sponsoring. The notion of image, which is equivalent to the idea of social representation from social psychology, is central to this series of studies. This study was concerned with the similarities and dissimilarities in the images or social representations of the Lyon's Tennis Grand Prix, France (GPTL) and Perrier, a seller of mineral water. In the first phase, a convenience sample… 

Measuring the Effects of Event Sponsorship: Theoretical Frameworks and Image Transfer Models

Abstract The use of event sponsorship or other types of sponsorship as a means to establish, enhance, or change brand image is a fairly common practice for a variety of organizations. This objective

A Theoretical Framework for Analysis of Image Transfer in Multiple Sponsorships

Despite the growing importance of sponsorship as a marketing communication function, little is known about how consumers process this information in their brand assessment. Although many scholars

An Exploratory Study of Event Image

The main purpose of this study is to measure and explore the dimensionality of the event image by using the case of 2010 Shanghai World Expo. After literature review, this study used Keller’s

Sponsor and Sponsees Interactions: Effects on Consumers’ Perceptions of Brand Image, Brand Attachment, and Purchasing Intention

Notwithstanding the substantial development of sponsorship investigations, relationships between the sponsor and cosponsees and fan’s responses (i.e., cognitive, affective and conative) have not been

Influence of the Brand Identity Harmony on the Brand Image Transfer: Analyzing the Multiple Fair Sponsorship

  • Hasan Aksoy
  • Business
    Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences
  • 2018
It is known that sponsorship has a significant impact on the performance of marketing. In the study, it was aimed to create a conceptual structure in the sponsorship communication process. The

Sport sponsorship as distinctive competence

Presents the results of an analysis of 28 national and multi-national Canadian firms that had been involved in sport sponsorships at the national or international levels. Detailed interviews were

The Impact of Consumer Knowledge on Brand Image Transfer in Cultural Event Sponsorship

Abstract:The paper presents some preliminary findings on the role of consumer knowledge in cultural event sponsorships. Using a field design, the impact of consumer knowledge on the brand image

Brand Images Causal Relationships in a Multiple Sport Event Sponsorship Context: Developing Brand Value through Association with Sponsees

ABSTRACT Sport sponsorship represents a significant marketing tool contributing to the development of involved stakeholders' brand value. Although single sponsorship continues to be the focus of

Developing A Measurement Scale for Event Image

The results of the current study were relatively consistent with some conceptual frameworks and to some extent confirmed previous empirical studies, which could provide useful implications for both future research and industry practice.

The politics of sport sponsorship: A policy network perspective

Sport sponsorship is perceived typically as a transaction within the dyad of sport and commercial organisations. Subsequently, existing research displays preoccupations with the behaviour of the



Allez l'O.M. ! Forza Juve !. La passion pour le football à Marseille et à Turin

Marco, Marseille, le Nord, le Sud"Les jours qui precedent un grand match de l'O.M., je suis tendu, comme malade. Cela me prend... une semaine, parfois quinze jours avant une partie decisive. Par

Contribution à la méthodologie d'étude des représentations sociales

Les limites de la methode du questionnaire d'enquete ou de l'entretien semi-directif pour l'etude des representations sociales sont rappelees. On preconise l'association libre, l'evaluation pairee,

Analyse canonique complète

On explicite certaines proprietes liees aux sous-espaces propres associes aux valeurs propres nulles des matrices diagonalisees de l'analyse canonique et indique des possibilites d'utilisation de ces

La mesure de l'efficacité du sponsoring

Psychology: A Study of A Science

Comportement de l'acheteur

Reprksentations sociales et analyses de donnkes

  • Grenoble: Presses Universitaires de Grenoble
  • 1992