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Image Processing Tasks using Parallel Computing in Multi core Architecture and its Applications in Medical Imaging

  title={Image Processing Tasks using Parallel Computing in Multi core Architecture and its Applications in Medical Imaging},
  author={Sanjay Saxena and Neeraj Sharma and Shiru Sharma},
To find accurate & reliable result in image analysis, it is important that image is processed and analyzed using image processing suitable AI technique further at the same time it is highly desired that processing time must be minimum. Preprocessing of the image makes it more clear and visible, while parallelizing of the algorithm optimizes the speed at which the image is processed. This paper explores current multi-core architectures available in commercial processors in order to speed up the… Expand
Parallel computing in digital image processing
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Image registration techniques using parallel computing in multicore environment and its applications in medical imaging: An overview
A comprehensive review of the existing literature available on Image registration methods based on parallel computing in Multi core architecture is provided to describe the various applications of image registration using parallel Computing in Medical imaging as it can be applied for different modalities of medical images. Expand
Analysis of Explicit Parallelism of Image Preprocessing Algorithms—A Case Study
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Parallel computation of mutual information in multicore environment & its applications in medical image registration
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Parallel Guided Image Processing Model for Ficus Deltoidea (Jack) Moraceae Varietal Recognition
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Using graphics devices in reverse: GPU-based Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • J. Fung, S. Mann
  • Computer Science
  • 2008 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
  • 2008
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Using graphics devices in reverse : Gpubased image processing and computer vision , " in 2008 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
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