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Image Interpolation Techniques in Digital Image Processing : An Overview

  title={Image Interpolation Techniques in Digital Image Processing : An Overview},
  author={Shreyas Fadnavis},
In current digital era the image interpolation techniques based on multi-resolution technique are being discovered and developed. These techniques are gaining importance due to their application in variety if field (medical, geographical, space information) where fine and minor details are important. This paper presents an overview of different interpolation techniques, (nearest neighbor, Bilinear, Bicubic, B-spline, Lanczos, Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and Kriging). Our results show… 

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  • A. Judi, E. .
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  • 2019
This work presents demosaicing using alternating projection with better performance with minimum loss of information than bilinear interpolation.
Application of spatial interpolation methods for restoration of partially defined images
The paper presents three methods of spatial interpolation: inverse distance weighting, interpolation based on a triangulated irregular network, and kriging and shows that all methods demonstrate a high quality of pixel prediction.
Edge Directed Radial Basis Function based Interpolation Towards PCA based PAN-sharpening
A new PAN-sharpening algorithm is proposed by using edge-directed Gaussian Radial Basis Function (RBF) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to generate smooth edges by minimizing artefacts in the interpolated image.
Image Inpainting Using Image Interpolation - An Analysis
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This paper proposes another new technique called image interpolation technique and describes how this technique can be used effectively for image inpainting without giving much focus on the size of the target region.
Application of Image Interpolation Algorithms in Thermal Surveillance Devices
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The paper considers several interpolation methods used for digital image enlargement and Mitchell method is recognized as the most suitable way to enlarge the image by interpolation in thermal vision cameras.
Medical image interpolation based on 3D Lanczos filtering
A resampling method based on the three-dimensional Lanczos kernel is developed and evaluated to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed interpolation approach.
Parameter Analysis on Backprojection for Super-Resolution (SR) Reconstruction Algorithm
In this paper, an image SR reconstruction scheme by using k-Singular Value Decomposition (k-SVD) with Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP) as sparse coding method was proposed to obtain the
Spatial frequency discrete wavelet transform image fusion technique for remote sensing applications
Slice Interpolation for Medical Image based on Spatial Geometry Polynomial Fitting
It is necessary to improve the inter-slice interpolation techniques to increase the axial spatial resolution of the data acquired using medical imaging modalities to enhance the accuracy of lesion analysis result.
Upsampling Algorithms for Autoencoder Segmentation Neural Networks: A Comparison Study
  • M. Kolarík, Radim Burget, K. Říha
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    2019 11th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT)
  • 2019
This paper focuses on the upsampling process in the decoder part of the standard U-Net neural network, and three different interpolations are compared with and without subsequent lxl convolution layers and three transpose Convolution layers for image upsampled using different size convolutional cores.


Medical image interpolation method based on similarity analysis of discrete wavelet transforms
  • Shichun Peng, Jian Liu
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    International Symposium on Multispectral Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • 2007
A new interpolation method based on multi-resolution technique is presented and used for medical image zooming. The aim of this work is to focus on similarity analysis of adjacent sub-bands provided
Discrete Wavelet Transform on Color Picture Interpolation of Digital Still Camera
The method proposed in this study involves integrating discrete wavelet transform (DWT) into the interpolation algorithm and uses the basic wavelet function to enhance the edge performance and processes of the nearest or larger and smaller direction gradients.
Computational foundations of image interpolation algorithms
The underlying computational foundations of all these algorithms and their implementation techniques are described and some experimental results are presented to show the impact of these algorithms in terms of image quality metrics and computational requirements for implementation.
Zooming Digital Images using Interpolation Techniques
Four interpolation functions (nearest neighbor, linear, cubic B-spline and high-resolution cubic spline with edge enhancement (-2≤a≤0)) are investigated in this paper for the low resolution medical CT scan images and are found to have a better frequency response than nearest neighbor and linear interpolation function.
Image Interpolation Using Kriging Technique for Spatial Data
Kriging technique was used instead of the classical interpolation methods to predict the unknown points in the digital image array to demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed technique.
Interpolation of images using discrete wavelet transform to simulate image resizing as in human vision
A novel way of applying DWT and IDWT in a piecewise manner by non-uniform down- or up-sampling of the images to achieve partially sampled versions of the image to achieve the final variable scale interpolated images is proposed.
Digital Image Processing
  • R. González, R. Woods
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • 1981
2. A sampled (but not quantized) image, whose brightness before quantization, in each spatial position, can take values in the range [0mV;250mV], has the linear histogram of its brightness
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Digital Image Processing is the definitive textbook for students, researchers, and professionals in search of critical analysis and modern implementations of the most important algorithms in the field, and is also eminently suitable for self-study.
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and K
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