Ilya Mechnikov — the founder of Gerontology

  title={Ilya Mechnikov — the founder of Gerontology},
  author={І. Stambler},
In 2020, we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the founder of gerontology, a foundational figure of modern immunology, aging and longevity science, and of modern medicine generally — Ilya Mechnikov (May 15, 1845 — July 15, 1916). For the proponents of healthy longevity and advocates of aging research. Mechnikov may be well credited as “the father” of gerontology — the disciplinary term he coined. Mechnikov was either a direct originator or one of the primary researchers for a variety of key… 


Elie Metchnikoff—The founder of longevity science and a founder of modern medicine: In honor of the 170th anniversary
At this time of rapid aging of the world population and the rapid development of technologies that may ameliorate degenerative aging processes, Elie Metchnikoff’s pioneering contribution to the search for anti-aging and healthspan-extending means should be recalled and honored.
The unexpected outcomes of anti-aging, rejuvenation, and life extension studies: an origin of modern therapies.
The pursuit of life extension and rejuvenation has constituted an inseparable and crucial element in the history of biomedicine, and the common principle of these studies was the proactive maintenance of stable, long-term homeostasis of the entire organism.