Iloprost and vitamin C attenuates acute myocardial injury induced by suprarenal aortic ischemia-reperfusion in rabbits.


OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate antioxidant and cytoprotective effects of iloprost and Vitamin C in a distant organ after abdominal aorta ischemia-reperfusion injury. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-eight New Zealand rabbits weighing 2,400-2,800 g were used for this study. The rabbits were divided into four equal groups. These groups are control group, sham group, iloprost group, and iloprost+vitamin C group. Suprarenal aorta was occluded with a vascular clamp. Following 30 minutes of ischemia, the vascular clamp was removed. Rabbits in group 3 received 10 ng/kg/min iloprost and those in group 4 received 10 ng/kg/min iloprost and 10 mg/kg vitamin C. At the end of the reperfusion period, the rabbits were sacrificed by a high intraperitoneal dose of xylazine+ketamine injection. Myocardial tissue samples were taken for electron microscopic analysis. We evaluated SOD, MDA and catalase in myocardial tissue samples. RESULTS Iloprost and iloprost+vitamin C groups significantly reduced the oxidative stress markers in tissue samples (p<0.05) and significantly decreased the myofibrillar injury and mitochondrial morphology changes in the myocardial tissue as shown with electron microscopy (p<0.05). Myocardial edema was significantly alleviated by iloprost and iloprost+vitamin C administration (p<0.05). CONCLUSIONS This study clearly showed that myocardial injury and edema occurred after ischemia-reperfusion of abdominal aorta and that groups administered with iloprost and iloprost+vitamin C showed an attenuation of ischemia-reperfusion injury in distant organs (Tab. 3, Fig. 4, Ref. 30).

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