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Illyés István Zsoltári és halottas énekeihez

  title={Illy{\'e}s Istv{\'a}n Zsolt{\'a}ri {\'e}s halottas {\'e}nekeihez},
  author={Judit Bog{\'a}r},
The paper deals with the sources and use of sources of the catholic songbook Zsoltari es halottas enekek by Istvan Illyes (Trnava, 1693). Most songs of this collection are known from earlier volumes. The only specific source Illyes refers to is Cantus catholici (Trnava, 1675), though much more correspondence can be found with Janos Kajoni’s Cantionale catholicum ( Ş umuleu Ciuc, 1676) and some protestant hymnals. According to the technical literature, the protestant sources of Illyes…