Illustration of the Roles of Snow in the Evolution of the Winter Cover of a Lake

  title={Illustration of the Roles of Snow in the Evolution of the Winter Cover of a Lake},
  author={W. Peter Adams and Nigel T. Roulet},
Spatial patterns in the snow and ice cover of Elizabeth Lake, Labrador, as surveyed in late February 1979, are displayed and analysed. Relationships between distinct trends in the ice and less distinct trends in the snow are discussed within a context of processes operative during a winter. The nature of and spatial patterns in the winter cover of lakes and of their evolution have important implications for those interested in generalizing about lake ice properties and about the effects of snow… 

Sampling of Snow and Ice on Lakes

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Growth and Decay of Lake Ice in the Vicinity of Schefferville (Knob Lake), Quebec

Reports an investigation into the relative proportions and rates of growth and decay of white ice (snow ice) and black ice on lakes in this area. The mode of formation and conditions of weather, snow

Variation in the quality and thickness of the winter cover

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