Illness perception among Chinese patients with acute myocardial infarction.

  title={Illness perception among Chinese patients with acute myocardial infarction.},
  author={Jun Biao Yan and Li-ming You and Jian-gui He and Jing-Feng Wang and Lin Chen and Bai-ling Liu and Jing-jing Zhou and Jing-hua Chen and Shang-yi Jin},
  journal={Patient education and counseling},
  volume={85 3},
OBJECTIVE To explore illness perception (IP) and its predictors among Chinese patients with myocardial infarction (MI). METHODS The revised Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQ-R) was used in the present study. A cross-sectional, descriptive design was employed. The study was conducted in four major hospitals in Guangzhou (China) with a sample of 193 MI patients. Pearson's and Spearman's correlation, t test, one-way ANOVA, factor analysis and multiple linear regression were used. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING

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