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Illinois School Finance Research: Some Knowns and Unknowns.

  title={Illinois School Finance Research: Some Knowns and Unknowns.},
  author={G. A. Hickrod and Ben C. Hubbard},
This paper examines the challenges and,problems involved in studying the Illinois school finance system, based on the experience of the Center for the Study of Educational Finance in studying the 1973 Illinois\school finance rkform. The first major section of the paper outlines the major variables in the 1973 Illinois reform and discusses problems that have emerged with each variable. These variables include the unweighted pupil count, the number of pupils eligible for Title I benefits, the… 
Assessment Matters: The Rise and Fall of the Illinois Resource Equalizer Formula
This article explores the passage and failure of the 1973 Illinois Resource Equalizer formula which was designed to reduce disparities in school finance by breaking the connection between local


Inequality in California School Finance: Dimensions, Sources, Remedies.
ABSTRACT This report addresses a''variety of questions about inequalities in school finance, and answers them by applying a broad range of statistical techniques to a comprehensive set of data on
Alternative Measures of School District Wealth.
the development of equalization aid formulas for distributing state aid to local school districts, the standard measure of school district wealth1 has been assessed valuation per pupil.2 Recently
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