Illegal trade of morphologically distinct populations prior to taxonomic assessment and elevation, with recommendations for future prevention

  title={Illegal trade of morphologically distinct populations prior to taxonomic assessment and elevation, with recommendations for future prevention},
  author={Matthijs P. van den Burg and Bruce J. Weissgold},
  journal={Journal for Nature Conservation},

Urgent International Action Needed to Tackle Illegal Pet Trade in Caribbean Iguana Populations

Lizards in the Neotropical genus Iguana are heavily traded for the international pet trade, with unusual colour morphs and rare species commanding high prices. Recent research aimed to understand the

A genus-wide analysis of genetic variation to guide population management, hybrid identification, and monitoring of invasions and illegal trade in Iguana (Reptilia: Iguanidae)

Overall, this work provides a reference for Iguana microsatellite loci in order to allow standardization and comparison among studies, aiding broader assessment of research and conservation hypotheses.



The illegal pet trade is driving Madagascar's ploughshare tortoise to extinction

Abstract The illegal wildlife trade is driving declines in populations of a number of large, charismatic animal species but also many lesser known and restricted-range species, some of which are now

Biological parameters used in setting captive‐breeding quotas for Indonesia's breeding facilities

The CBPP is recommended to be adjusted so that realistic published biological parameters are applied and captive-breeding quotas are not allocated to species if their captive breeding is unlikely to be successful or no breeding stock is available.

The march of the Common Green Iguana (Iguana iguana): early establishment in Singapore and Thailand is facilitated by the pet trade and recreational parks

It is found that large parts of Thailand and neighboring countries have suitable habitat, which could facilitate the expansion of these alien populations if left uncontrolled, and identifies I. iguana presence to be facilitated by the release of pet-traded specimens and uncontrolled exhibition practices in recreational parks.

The Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima) on St. Eustatius: Genetically Depauperate and Threatened by Ongoing Hybridization

There is a continued region-wide threat to I. delicatissima and the need for immediate conservation action to stop the continuing spread of Green Iguanas and to eliminate hybridization from St. Eustatius.

Phylogeography of the Caribbean rock iguana (Cyclura): implications for conservation and insights on the biogeographic history of the West Indies.

A molecular clock is calculated that suggests that Cyclura colonized the Caribbean between 15 and 35 mya and is recovered as monophyletic and is not closely related to any other genus, whereas Iguana is strongly supported as the sister taxon to Sauromalus.

A checklist of the iguanas of the world (Iguanidae; Iguaninae)

—This annotated checklist of the world's iguanas (Iguanidae; Iguaninae) represents an update by the Iguana Taxonomy Working Group (ITWG) of its 2011 list. We recognize 44 extant species (19