Ileo-ileal intussusception in a premature neonate: an unusual cause of NEC in premature babies.


Intussusception is a rare entity in neonates. It may present with non-specific signs including abdominal distension, feeding intolerance, vomiting and bloody stools. Symptomatology is similar to Necrotizing Entero-Colitis (NEC). Ultrasound can help to establish early diagnosis in neonate. A 27-week preterm newborn was initially suspected as NEC based on abdominal distention, bilious vomiting, worsening clinical condition and dilated loops of bowel on X-ray, which turned out to be ileo-ileal intussusception. Diagnosis was made by ultrasound obtained for a palpable mass to rule out intra abdominal abscess and lack of improvement in clinical condition despite 5 days of conservative treatment. Surgery was performed consisting of removal of the necrotic intussusception area and end-to-end anastomosis and patient was discharged from hospital on day 60 of life. As a conclusion, pathological abdominal findings in preterm newborns can also be due to conditions other than NEC and ultrasound may be a useful tool for timely and accurate diagnosis.

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