Ileal invaginated Meckel’s diverticulum: imaging diagnosis (2004:9b)

  title={Ileal invaginated Meckel’s diverticulum: imaging diagnosis (2004:9b)},
  author={Sabina Giusti and Chiara Iacconi and Patrizia Giusti and Michele N. Minuto and Davide Caramella and Carlo Bartolozzi},
  journal={European Radiology},
M. Minuto Department of Surgery, University of Pisa, Italy Abstract We describe an uncommon case of severe anemia in an adult man. The patient was evaluated with esophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, barium enema and abdominal US, which all proved normal. Abdominal CT showed a nonspecific intraluminal mass. Smallbowel follow-through revealed a polypoid mass with a club-like appearance typical for an invaginated Meckel’s diverticulum. Our diagnosis was confirmed by surgery. Eur Radiol (2004… CONTINUE READING