Ileal impaction in the horse: 75 cases.

  title={Ileal impaction in the horse: 75 cases.},
  author={Andrew H. Parks and Robin Doran and Nathaniel A. White and D. N. DE G. Allen and Gary M. Baxter},
  journal={The Cornell veterinarian},
  volume={79 1},
Records of 75 horses with ileal impactions were examined retrospectively. There was a sex predilection towards mares. Arabians were over-represented compared to the hospital population. The average age was 8.3 years. Abdominal pain was observed in 96% of horses. Nasogastric reflux was present in 56% of horses, small intestinal distention was found on rectal palpation in 96% and an ileal impaction in 25%. Exploratory celiotomy was performed in 69 horses, the mass was reduced by extramural… CONTINUE READING