Il calorico raggiante e il secondo principio di termodinamica

  title={Il calorico raggiante e il secondo principio di termodinamica},
  author={Adolfo . Bartoli},
  journal={Il Nuovo Cimento (1877-1894)},
  • A. Bartoli
  • Published 1 December 1884
  • Physics
  • Il Nuovo Cimento (1877-1894)

A Concise History of the Black-body Radiation Problem

The way the topic of black-body radiation is presented in standard textbooks (i.e. from Rayleigh-Jeans to Max Planck) does not follow the actual historical timeline of the under-standing of the

Light pressure across all scales: editorial

This focus point issue aimed to collect new results, insights, and reviews on light pressure in different physical contexts, and to cover even more physical contexts and applications where light pressure plays a pivotal role.

Optical manipulation of nanoscale materials by linear and nonlinear resonant optical responses

ABSTRACT Realization of technologies for the mechanical manipulation (trapping, transportation, positioning, and aligning) of individual nanoscale particles has been an aspiration of researchers in

Phase-dependent light-induced torque

Optical torque on individual atoms in a Bose-Einstein condensate can rotate the ensemble and generate a current flow [Phys. Rev. A 82, 051402 (2010)]. We exploit the fact to suggest a new mechanism

Optical nanoparticle filtering by using radiation forces

OPTICAL NANOPARTICLE FILTERING BY USING RADIATION FORCES In this study, it is aimed to filter nano-sized particles using light radiation pressure explicitly scattering and gradient forces. The light

Isolated detection of elastic waves driven by the momentum of light

An in-depth experimental and numerical study of the momentum dynamics of elastic waves in a dielectric mirror hit by a pulsed laser beam offers compelling evidence of elastic transients driven predominantly by the momentum of light.

Radiation-Pressure Effects in Cold-Atom Absorption Spectroscopy and Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

Radiation pressure due to the interaction between a probe light and cold atoms is investigated in a standard cesium magneto-optical trap. The radiation pressure alters the absorption spectroscopy of

Manipulating particles with light: radiation and gradient forces

The manipulation of matter with electromagnetic radiation is a capacity that has been known for over a century. However, the prominence of such optical effects only grew rapidly following the

Graded-index optical dimer formed by optical force.

The dynamics of the opto-mechanical interaction of lenses under the illumination of collimated light beams and quantitatively validate the performance of proposed dimer are studied.

Inducing and controlling particle motion in an optical trap