Ikaros is required for plasmacytoid dendritic cell differentiation.

  title={Ikaros is required for plasmacytoid dendritic cell differentiation.},
  author={David M. Allman and Marc Dalod and Carine Asselin-Paturel and Thomas Delale and Scott H. Robbins and Giorgio Trinchieri and Christine A. Biron A. Biron and Philippe Kastner and Susan Chan},
  volume={108 13},
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) are specialized DCs that produce high levels of type I IFN upon viral infection. Despite their key immunoregulatory role, little is known about pDC ontogeny or how developmental events regulate their function. We show that mice expressing low levels of the transcription factor Ikaros (Ik(L/L)) lack peripheral pDCs, but not other DC subsets. Loss of pDCs is associated with an inability to produce type I IFN after challenge with Toll-like receptor-7 and -9… CONTINUE READING
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