Iiop-domain Infrastructure for Inter-orb Half-bridge-based Cooperation


This paper concerns IIOP-domain infrastructure that represents a collection of selected Object Services and technique of their usage by mediated request-level Inter-ORB Bridges built around IIOP-ORB backbone. We introduce an Inter-ORB half-bridge concept and analyse its activity that is a base for identiication of the Object Services required in IIOP-domain. Then, we envisage two techniques of IIOP-domain extension with the necessary Object Services. As a case study, the implementation of Interface Repository Access Server is described. 1

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@inproceedings{Uszok2007IiopdomainIF, title={Iiop-domain Infrastructure for Inter-orb Half-bridge-based Cooperation}, author={Andrzej Uszok and Krzysztof Zieli}, year={2007} }