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Ihara Zeta Entropy

  title={Ihara Zeta Entropy},
  author={Supriyo Dutta and Partha Guha},
In this article, we introduce an entropy based on the formal power series expansion of the Ihara Zeta function. We find a number of inequalities based on the values of the Ihara zeta function. These new entropies are applicable in symbolic dynamics and the dynamics of billiards. 
A System of Billiard and Its Application to Information-Theoretic Entropy
The Ihara entropy is a weakly decomposable entropy whose composition law is given by the Lazard formal group law and fulfils the generalized Shannon-Khinchin axioms.
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A theorem on the existence of trace-form generalized entropies
  • P. Tempesta
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2015
An analytic technique is proposed, which allows to generate many new examples of entropic functionals generalizing the standard Boltzmann–Gibbs entropy. Our approach is based on the existence of a
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List of illustrations Preface Part I. A Quick Look at Various Zeta Functions: 1. Riemann's zeta function and other zetas from number theory 2. Ihara's zeta function 3. Selberg's zeta function 4.