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Ignorance and Mistake of Criminal Law, Noncriminal Law, and Fact

  title={Ignorance and Mistake of Criminal Law, Noncriminal Law, and Fact},
  author={Kenneth W Simons},
  • K. Simons
  • Published 29 September 2011
  • Political Science
After clarifying the distinction between mistakes of fact and mistakes of law, this article explores in detail an important distinction within the category of mistake of law, between mistake about the criminal law itself and mistake about noncriminal law norms that the criminal law makes relevant - for example, about the civil law of property (in a theft prosecution) or of divorce (in a bigamy prosecution). The Model Penal Code seems to endorse the view that mistakes about noncriminal law norms… Expand
Mistake of Criminal Law and its Influence on the Classification of Crime
The paper examines the characteristics of a mistake of the commitment of crime as an optional feature of the mental state of the crime. The analysis conducted offers an opportunity to state that inExpand


Here is a similar category: Sexual offenses in which the victim "is in custody of law or detained in [an] institution and the actor has supervisory or disciplinary supervision over him
  • 1962
Violation of privacy