IgM nephropathy in India: a single centre experience.

  title={IgM nephropathy in India: a single centre experience.},
  author={Aruna Vishwanath Vanikar and Kamal Vinod Kanodia and Rashmi Patel and Kamlesh S. Suthar and Himanshu V. Patel and Manoj R. Gumber and Hargovind L. Trivedi},
  journal={Indian journal of pediatrics},
  volume={79 8},
OBJECTIVE To find out the incidence and natural history of IgMN in India. METHODS Renal biopsies of children ≤12 y age of last 6 y were retrospectively evaluated. Their clinical and biochemical presentation were correlated. Patients with systemic diseases/disorders were excluded from the study. RESULTS Immunoglobulin M nephropathy (IgMN) constituted 11.9% (n = 28) of 236 renal biopsies. Mean age was 10 y, predominant in boys (n = 24), most of the patients presented with proteinuria and… CONTINUE READING