IgG antibodies to Loxosceles sp. spider venom in human envenoming.

  title={IgG antibodies to Loxosceles sp. spider venom in human envenoming.},
  author={K{\'a}tia Cristina Barbaro and Jo{\~a}o Luiz Costa Cardoso and V R Eickstedt and Ivan Mota},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
  volume={30 9},
The presence and specificity of IgG antibodies produced by patients with loxoscelism were studied. The loxoscelism diagnosis was supported mainly by clinical parameters. A search for IgG antibodies anti-Loxosceles gaucho venom in patients with loxoscelism submitted to serumtherapy showed antibodies in four out of 20 patients. The IgG antibodies were detected as early as 9 days and as late as 120 days after bite. The highest IgG antibody titer was 1:640 and the lowest was 1:80. Immunoblotting… CONTINUE READING