IgE-mediated food allergy diagnosis: Current status and new perspectives.

  title={IgE-mediated food allergy diagnosis: Current status and new perspectives.},
  author={Riccardo Asero and Barbara K. Ballmer-Weber and Kirsten Beyer and Amedeo Conti and Ruta Dubakiene and Montserrat Fern{\'a}ndez-Rivas and Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber and Jonas {\AA}. Lidholm and Tihomir B Mustakov and Joanne N G Oude Elberink and Richard S. H. Pumphrey and Per Stahl Skov and Ronald van Ree and Berber J. Vlieg-Boerstra and Reinhard Hiller and Jonathan O'B. Hourihane and M. Kowalski and Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos and J M Wal and Elisabeth N Clare Mills and Stefan Vieths},
  journal={Molecular nutrition & food research},
  volume={51 1},
In June 2005, the work of the EU Integrated Project EuroPrevall was started. EuroPrevall is the largest research project on food allergy ever performed in Europe. Major aims of the project are to generate for the first time reliable data on the prevalence of food allergies across Europe and on the natural course of food allergy development in infants. Improvement of in vitro diagnosis of food allergies is another important aim of the project. The present review summarizes current knowledge… CONTINUE READING