IgE and atopy in perinatally HIV-infected children.

  title={IgE and atopy in perinatally HIV-infected children.},
  author={Corinna S. Bowser and Jean Kaye and Rauno O Joks and Cascy-Arnoux Charlot and Hamid Jack Moallem},
  journal={Pediatric allergy and immunology : official publication of the European Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology},
  volume={18 4},
Elevated serum immunoglobulin E (IgE) and increased prevalence of atopy is reported in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The elevated serum IgE may be attributed to polyclonal stimulation of B cells or IgE production against allergens, viruses, fungi and bacteria. This study investigates the prevalence of atopy in perinatally HIV-infected children, and the relationships between serum IgE (and other serum immunoglobulins) with atopy, CD4+ cell count and HIV-disease stage… CONTINUE READING

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