IgA nephropathy: molecular mechanisms of the disease.

  title={IgA nephropathy: molecular mechanisms of the disease.},
  author={Jiri F. Mestecky and Milan Ra{\vs}ka and Bruce A Julian and Ali Gharavi and Matthew B. Renfrow and Zina Moldoveanu and Lea Novak and Karel Matou{\vs}ovic and Jan Nov{\'a}k},
  journal={Annual review of pathology},
Studies of molecular and cellular interactions involved in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy have revealed the autoimmune nature of this most common primary glomerulonephritis. In patients with this disease, altered glycan structures in the unique hinge region of the heavy chains of IgA1 molecules lead to the exposure of antigenic determinants, which are recognized by naturally occurring antiglycan antibodies of the IgG and/or IgA1 isotype. As a result, nephritogenic immune complexes form in… CONTINUE READING