Ieee 1355 Ds-links: Electrical and Optical Transmission Media


The IEEE standard 1355 [1] de nes the physical layers and logical protocols for a point-to-point serial interconnect, operating at speed ranges from 10 200 MBaud and 1 GBaud in copper and ber optic technologies. The baseline technology has been developed within the ESPRIT OMI/HIC project. Although initially designed as a multiprocessor interconnect, the technology could potentially also be applied in telecommunication systems and local area networks. We have studied the performance of the physical layers of IEEE 1355, concentrating on the speed range 10 200 MBaud, which is supported by the Data/Strobe links (DS-Links). Electrical (twisted pair cable) and ber optic technologies for link signal transmission have been characterized and their performance in terms of link speed and link length has been measured. In order to extend the reach of DS-Links, a ber optic interface employing a new line encoding scheme has been designed and tested. The results of this work have contributed to the IEEE 1355 standardisation process. The paper is organized as follows : single-ended and di erential electrical transmission of DS-Links are described in section 1. The ber optic physical medium and the encoding scheme are discussed in section 2. Finally the design of the ber optic link interface and test results are presented in section 3 and we draw our conclusions in section 4.

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