Idiopathic palatal myoclonus.

  title={Idiopathic palatal myoclonus.},
  author={Takanori Yokota and Fumiko Hirashima and Yoko Ito and Hiroko Yanaga Tanabe and Toshiyuki Furukawa and Hiroshi Tsukagoshi},
  journal={Acta neurologica Scandinavica},
  volume={81 3},
Two cases with idiopathic palatal myoclonus without other neurological deficits were described. They did not have any other neurological deficits other than myoclonus of branchial muscles. In these cases, the myoclonus disappeared during natural or induced sleep. In Case 1, the myoclonus ceased transiently when the patient was calculating or receiving an injection. In Case 2, the myoclonus disappeared with intravenous injection of saline as a placebo. Detailed examinations, including brain CT… CONTINUE READING

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