Idiopathic mesangial IgA-glomerulonephritis in childhood

  title={Idiopathic mesangial IgA-glomerulonephritis in childhood},
  author={Dietrich Michalk and Ruediger Waldherr and Hans Peter Seelig and Hans Weber and Karl Schaerer},
  journal={European Journal of Pediatrics},
Nineteen out of 83 children with asymptomatic haematuria were classified as having IgA glomerulonephritis, characterized by diffuse mesangial deposition of IgA in the absence of systematic disease. Different histological patterns were observed: i.e., minor glomerular lesions (5 cases), focal and segmental proliferative glomerulonephritis (8 cases) and diffuse proliferative glomerulonephritis (6 cases). Recurrent gross haematuria is the clinical hallmark of the disease. Proteinuria was present… CONTINUE READING