Idiopathic male pseudohermaphroditism is associated with prenatal growth retardation

  title={Idiopathic male pseudohermaphroditism is associated with prenatal growth retardation},
  author={Francisco de Andrade Machado Neto and Andr{\'e} Moreno Morcillo and Andr{\'e}a Trevas Maciel-Guerra and Gil Guerra-J{\'u}nior},
  journal={European Journal of Pediatrics},
About 50% of intersex cases are due to male pseudohermaphroditism, and of these cases, 50% are not clarified aetiologically. The association of idiopathic male pseudohermaphroditism and prenatal growth retardation has been recently reported. The aim of this study was to verify whether there was a difference in weight and/or length at birth between idiopathic and non-idiopathic male pseudohermaphroditism patients. A total of 70 patients with male pseudohermaphroditism were recruited; 35 non… CONTINUE READING
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