Idiopathic hyperkinetic state: a new clinical syndrome.

  title={Idiopathic hyperkinetic state: a new clinical syndrome.},
  author={N Brachfeld and Richard Gorlin},
  journal={British heart journal},
A number of new or hitherto inadequately defined diseases of the heart have been described in recent years. Among these have been subendocardial fibrosis (Thomas et al., 1954), localized outflow tract hypertrophy (Brock, 1957), and viral myocardiopathy (Silber, 1958) as causes of heart failure, and rheumatoid spondylitis (Clark and Bauer, 1948), Marfan's syndrome (McKusick, 1955), and, the carcinoid syndrome (Mattingly and Sjoerdsma, 1956) as precursors of valvular disease. In addition, the… CONTINUE READING


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