Idiopathic hirsutism or polycystic ovary syndrome?

  title={Idiopathic hirsutism or polycystic ovary syndrome?},
  author={Sh Jahanfar and John A Eden},
  journal={The Australian & New Zealand journal of obstetrics & gynaecology},
  volume={33 4},
Polycystic ovaries (PCO) were detected using ultrasound imaging in a series of 173 women who presented with significant hirsutism and in some cases with irregular menstruation. Patients were divided into 3 groups. Those with hirsutism and regular menstruation (cycles > 8 per year, Group 1, n = 96); those with hirsutism and oligomenorrhoea (cycles < 8 per year, Group 2, n = 44) and those with hirsutism and amenorrhoea (cycles < 2 per year, group 3, n = 33). These 3 groups were compared with… CONTINUE READING

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