Idiopathic gastrointestinal bleeding and aortic stenosis

  title={Idiopathic gastrointestinal bleeding and aortic stenosis},
  author={Dr. Michael C. Cody and T. Paul B. O'Donovan and Rollin W. Hughes},
  journal={The American Journal of Digestive Diseases},
A review was made of the Mayo Clinic patient population of 1964 through 1969. Of 610 patients with valvular heart disease who were sampled, 275 had aortic stenosis; and of these 275, 7 also had idiopathic gastrointestinal bleeding. The remaining 335 patients without aortic stenosis represented a control group; no patient with idiopathic gastrointestinal bleeding was found in this control group. The prevalence rate for idiopathic gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with aortic stenosis was 2.6… CONTINUE READING