Identity theft, computers and behavioral biometrics

  title={Identity theft, computers and behavioral biometrics},
  author={Robert Moskovitch and Clint Feher and Arik Messerman and Niklas Kirschnick and Tarik Mustafic and Seyit Ahmet Çamtepe and Bernhard L{\"o}hlein and Ulrich Heister and Sebastian M{\"o}ller and Lior Rokach and Yuval Elovici},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics},
The increase of online services, such as eBanks, WebMails, in which users are verified by a username and password, is increasingly exploited by Identity Theft procedures. Identity Theft is a fraud, in which someone pretends to be someone else is order to steal money or get other benefits. To overcome the problem of Identity Theft an additional security layer is required. Within the last decades the option of verifying users based on their keystroke dynamics was proposed during login… CONTINUE READING
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