Identity experience among progressive gay Muslims in North America: A qualitative study within Al‐Fatiha

  title={Identity experience among progressive gay Muslims in North America: A qualitative study within Al‐Fatiha},
  author={Omar Minwalla and B. R. Simon Rosser and Jamie L Feldman and Christine Amalia Varga},
  journal={Culture, Health \& Sexuality},
  pages={113 - 128}
This qualitative study aims to document the identity experience of progressive gay Muslim men in a North American context. Six in‐depth interviews, supplemented with participant observation, were conducted of gay Muslim men who attended an international conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning (LGBTQ) Muslims. For progressive gay Muslims such as these, a Muslim identity appears three‐dimensional (religious, ethno‐cultural, and color) when integrated with a gay… 

“Being gay has been a curse for me”: Gay Muslim Americans, narrative and negotiations of belonging in the Muslim ummah

In this essay, I draw on ethnographic research with South Asian Muslim American gay men of Pakistani descent in Houston to explore everyday negotiations of religion, race, sexuality and

Muslim gay men: identity conflict and politics in a Muslim majority nation.

This research constitutes the first account of the experiences of self-identified gay men living in an African, Muslim nation, where same-sex sex is both illegal and actively persecuted, in order to understand how they assimilate their sexual, religious and ethnic identities within a highly homophobic culture.

Muslim and gay: seeking identity coherence in New Zealand

This paper explores the process of accepting oneself as gay and of ‘coming out’ to family and friends in New Zealand in a sample of five gay Muslim men, a liberal secular society where homosexuality is widely accepted and gay rights are endorsed in legislation.

Coping with potentially incompatible identities: accounts of religious, ethnic, and sexual identities from British Pakistani men who identify as Muslim and gay.

This study explores how a group of young British Muslim gay men (BMGM) of Pakistani background in non-gay affirmative religious contexts understood and defined their sexual, religious, and ethnic

The Politics of LGBT Muslim Identities

Habib’s (2010) collection contains evidence on the experiences of those who identify as homosexual within some contemporary Muslim cultures (Malaysia, Pakistan, Iraq, Singaporean Malay Muslims). This

Integrating Religious and Sexual Identities: The Case of Religious Homosexual Men in Singapore

Abstract The sexual and religious ecosystem in Singapore represents an intricate interplay of factors that religious homosexuals navigate to attain a well-adjusted personal identity. A qualitative

Bisexual Indonesian Men’s Experiences of Islam, the Quran and Allah: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Spiritual Resistance

Abstract Many Muslim men with same-sex sexualities experience tensions between their sexual/religious identities. However, few inquiries address how bisexual Muslim men grow and develop amidst

Being a Muslim Gay Man: A Systematic Review

Abstract. This article presents a systematic discussion on how Muslim gay men protect their image and identity in an Islamic ambience, which can be threatened as a result of self-identifying and

Religious and Sexual Identity Conflict among Same-sex Attracted Muslim Men: A Conceptual Differences of Life Experience between Western and Muslim Majority Countries

Previous studies exploring the conflict between religious and sexual identity among same-sex attracted Muslim men (henceforth, SSAMM) have been largely carried out on ethnic minority Muslims living

Être gay ou lesbienne et musulman-e dans la Tunisie post-2011 : les négociations d’une antinomie

The present study focuses on the identity constructions of a group of young Tunisian homosexuals. Led by a survey based on semi-structured interviews with nine Muslim gays and six Muslim Lesbians,



Migrant gay men: Redefining community, restoring identity

This report presents the results of one of three studies examining the ways social and cultural factors shape gay male identity and influence gay male social life in London today (see also Keogh,

Gender boundaries and sexual categories in the arab world

It is concluded that the study of gender and sexuality in the Middle East remains incomplete and preliminary, although gender studies have progressed in the past two decades.

Love in a Different Climate : Men Who Have Sex with Men in India

In this carefully researched and finely written work, Jeremy Seabrook deals with subjects rarely discussed in Western narratives about South Asia. Going beyond a straightforward contextualisation of

Japanese Male Gay and Bisexual Identity

  • M. Harada
  • Sociology, Psychology
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 2001
ABSTRACT Few studies have ever dealt with Japanese male gay and bisexual identity. This exploratory study investigated gay and bisexual identity through interviews of 34 Japanese gay and bisexual

Book Review: A Challenge to Love: Gay and Lesbian Catholics in the Church

of marriage and the family, the commentators had to treat many topics including the following: historicism, moral relativism, celibacy, chastity, contraception, the education of children, the

No longer invisible: gay and lesbian Jews build a movement.

  • A. Cooper
  • Sociology
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 1989
The organized movement of lesbian and gay Jews took root in the mid-1970s when groups of Jewish homosexuals in the United States, England, and Israel began gathering for religious, educational, and

Muslim families and family therapy.

This article examines the applicability of the Anglo-American models of family therapy to Muslim immigrant families and suggests that the preferred directions of change for Muslim families need to be integrated into the assessment and goals for family therapy.

Brother To Brother

African American males shoulder great burdens in their efforts to be men in a system that defines manhood in ways that exclude the cultural imperatives of this group. Societally defined masculinity,

Judaism and homosexuality: the traditionalist/progressive debate.

  • Y. Kahn
  • Sociology
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 1989
This article critically reviews modern Jewish teaching on Judaism and homosexuality and argues for the valuation of the person as homosexual as a legitimate expression of human and Jewish covenantal obligation.

The Story of Lot and the Qurvln's Perception of the Morality of Same-Sex Sexuality

This study narrows the scope of the investigation to the use of moral terminology in the Lot story and elsewhere in the Qurvln to acquire a better understanding of how same-sex practices are qualified morally in the Quran.