Identity-based ring signatures from RSA

  title={Identity-based ring signatures from RSA},
  author={Javier Herranz},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},
Shamir proposed in 1984 the first identity-based signature scheme, whose security relies on the RSA problem. A similar scheme was proposed by Guillou and Quisquater in 1988. Formal security of these schemes was not argued and/or proved until many years later [D. Pointcheval, J. Stern, Security arguments for digital signatures and blind signatures, Journal of Cryptology 13 (3) (2000) 361–396; Y. Dodis, J. Katz, S. Xu, M. Yung, Strong key-insulated signature schemes, in: Proceedings of PKC’03, in… CONTINUE READING
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