Identity Federations Beyond the Web: A Survey

  title={Identity Federations Beyond the Web: A Survey},
  author={Alejandro P{\'e}rez-M{\'e}ndez and Fernando Pere{\~n}{\'i}guez-Garcia and Rafael Mar{\'i}n L{\'o}pez and Gabriel L{\'o}pez Mill{\'a}n and Josh Howlett},
  journal={IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials},
Internet service providers have, in recent years, adopted identity federation technologies with a high degree of success. A typical Internet user will regularly use these in her daily use of the Internet, even if she does not notice it. For example, she will use these technologies when publishing a picture in Flickr, when sharing it with her friends in her Facebook wall, when she performs a roaming telephone call over the 3G network, or when she obtains access to the eduroam network at her… CONTINUE READING