Identity Based Secure Routing For Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks


In this paper, we propose an Identity (ID)-based Secure Routing Scheme for secure routing in wireless ad-hoc networks. It make use of Identity based Signature scheme and hash chains to secure the AODV (Ad-hoc on demand distance vector routing) messages. We have used ID based Signature scheme for the immutable fields, that is the fields that remain same throughout the journey of the routing packet and Hash Chains for the mutable fields (fields which changes from node to node) e.g. Hop Count. This system has the following advantages as compared to the previous solutions, most of which uses RSA based Public Key Cryptographic solutions. Firstly, it makes use of Identity based signature scheme which is certificateless thus saving overhead costs of communication and storage. Secondly, in ID based schemes we can use our identity, like our IP address or email ID as our public key, which leads to smaller key size as compared to other cryptographic techniques. Also this system does not require establishment of any third party like PKI (Public-key Infrastructure) at the initial stages of network establishment

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