Identity-Based Cryptosystems and Signature Schemes

  title={Identity-Based Cryptosystems and Signature Schemes},
  author={Adi Shamir},
  • A. Shamir
  • Published in CRYPTO 19 August 1984
  • Computer Science
In this paper we introduce a novel type of cryptographic scheme, which enables any pair of users to communicate securely and to verify each other’s signatures without exchanging private or public keys, without keeping key directories, and without using the services of a third party. The scheme assumes the existence of trusted key generation centers, whose sole purpose is to give each user a personalized smart card when he first joins the network. The information embedded in this card enables… 
Subgroup Operations in Identity Based Encryption Using Weil Pairing for Decentralized Networks
This paper proposes a scheme that allows threshold decryption involving a subgroup of participants of the network and uses the Weil Pairing on the elliptic curve to implement IBE.
An Efficient Certificateless Signature Scheme in the Standard Model
A new and direct approach to construct a certificateless signature scheme, secure in the standard model, with constant-size of all parameters and having efficient computing time is introduced, which is very efficient when comparing to existing \(\mathsf {CLS}\) schemes in thestandard model.
ID-Based Cryptographic Schemes for User Identification, Digital Signature, and Key Distribution
Three identity-based cryptographic schemes based on the discrete logarithm problem are proposed: the user identification scheme, the digital signature scheme, and the key distribution scheme, which areBased on the digital signatures scheme of G.B. Agnew et al. (1990), which is reviewed.
An ID-based cryptographic mechanisms based on GDLP and IFP
An ID-based cryptosystem under the security assumptions of the generalized discrete logarithm problem and integer factorization problem and the possibility of establishing a more secure system is proposed.
Separable and Anonymous Identity-Based Key Issuing
A novel separable and anonymous ID-based key issuing scheme without secure channel is proposed that can be sent to the user in an encrypted form such that only the legitimate key requester authenticated by LRA can decrypt it.
A New ID-based Signature with Batch Verification
It is proved that the proposed signature scheme is secure against existential forgery under adaptively chosen message and ID attack in the random oracle model and why other ID-based signature schemes are hard to achieve these properties.
A provably secure ID-based ring signature scheme
This work uses bilinear pairings to design a new ID-based ring signature scheme, and formally proves the security of the scheme, under the assumption that the Computational Diie-Hellman problem is hard to solve.
Revocable Identity-Based Signature without Pairing
This paper presents a revocable identity based signature scheme, which is more efficient than previous solutions, and extends the new scheme to be decryption-key-exposure resilient.
Improved Identity-Based Signcryption
This work presents an identity-based signcryption solution that it is believed to be the most efficient, provably-secure scheme of its type proposed to date.
Identity-Based Group Encryption
This paper proposes a new concept, referred to as identity-based group encryption IBGE, which realizes GE in the identity- based cryptography setting, and proposes the first IBGE scheme that is formally proven secure in the standard model.