Identifying the causal relationship between social media content of a Bollywood movie and its box-office success - a text mining approach

  title={Identifying the causal relationship between social media content of a Bollywood movie and its box-office success - a text mining approach},
  author={Biplab Bhattacharjee and Amulyashree Sridhar and Anirban Dutta},
  journal={Int. J. Bus. Inf. Syst.},
Movie marketing strategies have undergone a rapid metamorphosis over the years with the progress in technological innovations and advent of social media. Social media gives a two way interacting platform and such interactions generate voluminous textual content which can be a source for deriving new insights into the customer behavioural dynamics and can also act as a handy tool for revenue enhancement. This study is designed to understand whether the polarity of the social media content of… 

Social Media Analytics in Support of Documentary Production

—Recent market research has revealed a globally growing interest on documentaries that have now become one of the most populated content-wise genre in the movie titles catalog, surpassing

Exploring contextual factors from consumer reviews affecting movie sales: an opinion mining approach

The content of consumer reviews is used to propose a novel framework integrating opinion mining and machine learning techniques to explore contextual factors influencing box-office revenue and monitor changes in the various aspects of online reviews to devise e-marketing strategies.

Social media self-branding and success: Quantitative evidence from a model competition

Evidence is found that candidates who manage their social media accounts more actively than other candidates have a higher probability to become Playmate of the Year, underline the benefits of social media.

Movie Industry Economics: How Data Analytics Can Help Predict Movies’ Financial Success

A model for predicting box office sales and the chance of nomination for winning Oscars is developed and cinema managers and investors can use the proposed model as a guide for predicting movies’ financial success.

Social Media and Google Trends in Support of Audience Analytics: Methodology and Architecture

A methodology and a reference architecture are proposed that can be employed by those that aim to exploit social media data to support audience analytics and extract TV ratings and the utilisation of Google Trends service is evaluated.

A picture is worth a thousand words : investigating the value of Instagram posts and Twitter posts in predicting movie box office revenues.

Purpose: Using Instagram and Twitter data for volume- and sentiment-related predictor variables, the purpose of this paper is to examine the predictive value of Instagram predictor variables compared

Trend Discovery and Social Recommendation in Support of Documentary Production

—Recent market research has revealed a globally growing interest on documentaries that have now become one of the biggest content-wise genre in the movie titles catalog, surpassing traditionally

The Relationship Between Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Consumer Engagement: An Exploratory Study

There has been a significant shift in the purchase of media by brands in the last decade. Brands have moved from spending money on the ever-present television and print media to the ubiquitous

Determining Relation Amongst Movie Ratings and Market Returns using Regression Analysis

  • Shivani InderGaurav Goyal
  • Business
    2020 Sixth International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC)
  • 2020
Movie critics and audience play a crucial role in the success or failure of a movie. Both audiences and critics provide their opinions for a movie using different platforms like IMDB, Rotten tomatoes



Predicting Movie Sales from Blogger Sentiment

  • G. MishneN. Glance
  • Computer Science
    AAAI Spring Symposium: Computational Approaches to Analyzing Weblogs
  • 2006
The main finding is that positive sentiment is indeed a better predictor for movie success when applied to a limited context around references to the movie in weblogs, posted prior to its release.

A recommender system for the TV on the web: integrating unrated reviews and movie ratings

It is argued that text comments are excellent indicators of user satisfaction and proposed for the inclusion of sentiment knowledge in recommendations, which computes new media recommendations by merging media ratings and comments written by users about specific entertainment shows.

Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review Comments

An empirical study of efficacy of machine learning techniques in classifying text messages by semantic meaning using movie review comments from popular social network Digg as a data set and evaluating their effect on accuracy of four machine learning methods - Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, Maximum-Entropy, and K-Means clustering.

Predicting IMDB Movie Ratings Using Social Media

This work predicts IMDb movie ratings and considers two sets of features: surface and textual features, and its best performing model is able to rate movies very close to the observed values.

Fuzzy sentiment analysis on microblogs for movie revenue prediction

  • Niloy GuptaK. AbhinavAnnappa
  • Computer Science
    2013 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Communication, Control, Signal Processing and Computing Applications (C2SPCA)
  • 2013
A novel fuzzy approach for evaluating sentiments expressed in microblogs is proposed, which is incorporated in text mining methodologies to predict weekly movie revenues.

Aspect-based sentiment analysis of movie reviews on discussion boards

The proposed method performs fine-grained analysis to determine both the sentiment orientation and sentiment strength of the reviewer towards various aspects of a movie.

Understanding 'likers' on Facebook: differences between customer and non-customer situations

This paper examines the inter-relationships among constructs such as identity, norm, involvement, and word-of-mouth behaviour in the context of the Facebook 'like' feature, and develops and test a few propositions relating to customer and non-customer situations among likers.

Sentiment analysis of movie reviews on discussion boards using a linguistic approach

A linguistic approach for sentiment analysis of message posts on discussion boards that generates a dependency tree, and splits the sentence into clauses, and determines the contextual sentiment score for each clause utilizing grammatical dependencies of words and the prior sentiment scores of the words derived from SentiWordNet and domain specific lexicons.

Sentiment Classification of Movie Reviews Using Multiple Perspectives

This study develops an automatic method for in-depth sentiment analysis of movie review documents using information extraction techniques and a machine learning approach and proves the effectiveness of the proposed approach for sentiment classification of movie reviews.