Identifying secreted proteins of Marssonina brunnea by degenerate PCR.

  title={Identifying secreted proteins of Marssonina brunnea by degenerate PCR.},
  author={Qiang Cheng and Youzhi Cao and Cong Jiang and Li'an Xu and Mingxiu Wang and Shougong Zhang and Minren Huang},
  volume={10 13},
Marssonina brunnea is an important fungal pathogen of the Populus genus. To further our understanding of the pathogenesis of M. brunnea, we initiated a proteome-level study of the fungal secretome. Using de novo peptide sequencing by MS/MS, we obtained peptide sequences for 32 protein spots. Four proteins were identified by sequence homology to conserved proteins in public databases using MS-driven BLAST. To identify additional protein spots, we combined a degenerate PCR method, based on the… CONTINUE READING