Identifying quantum correlations using explicit SO(3) to SU(2) maps

  title={Identifying quantum correlations using explicit SO(3) to SU(2) maps},
  author={Daniel Dilley and Alvin Gonzales and Mark S. Byrd},
  journal={Quantum Information Processing},
Quantum state manipulation of two-qubits on the local systems by special unitaries induces special orthogonal rotations on the Bloch spheres. An exact formula is given for determining the local unitaries for some given rotation on the Bloch sphere. The solution allows for easy manipulation of two-qubit quantum states with a single definition that is programmable. With this explicit formula, modifications to the correlation matrix are made simple. Using our solution, it is possible to… 



Quantum teleportation with one classical bit

  • A. Parakh
  • Computer Science, Physics
    Scientific reports
  • 2022
This work asks whether one can do better than two bits of classical information if the sender has access to multiple copies of the qubit to be teleported and proposes a modified quantum teleportation protocol that allows Alice to reset the state of the entangled pair to its initial state using only local operations.

Quantum steering of Bell-diagonal states with generalized measurements

The phenomenon of quantum steering in bipartite quantum systems can be reduced to the question of whether or not the first party can perform measurements such that the conditional states on the

Two-qubit state tomography with ensemble average in coupled superconducting qubits

We propose a scheme to perform two-qubit state tomography by independently measuring the ensemble average of quantum states of two coupled superconducting transmon qubits. Each qubit is capacitively

General open-system quantum evolution in terms of affine maps of the polarization vector

The operator-sum decomposition of a map from one density matrix to another has many applications in quantum information science. To this mapping there corresponds an affine map which provides a

Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations

An important concept in physics is that of symmetry, whether it be rotational symmetry for many physical systems or Lorentz symmetry in relativistic systems. In many cases, the group of symmetries of

Group Theory in Physics

An introductory text book for graduates and advanced undergraduates on group representation theory. It emphasizes group theory's role as the mathematical framework for describing symmetry properties

Relations between Entanglement Witnesses and Bell Inequalities

Bell inequalities, considered within quantum mechanics, can be regarded as nonoptimal witness operators. We discuss the relationship between such Bell witnesses and general entanglement witnesses in

Minimum-Time Control of Local Quantum Gates for Two-Qubit Homonuclear Systems

Numerical simulations show that this design method can effectively reduce the search efforts for finding the minimum-time control for two-spin systems.

Exploration quantum steering, nonlocality and entanglement of two-qubit X-state in structured reservoirs

The analytical results indicate that all entangled pure states and maximally entangled evolution states (EESs) are steerable, and not every entangled evolution state is steerable and some steerable states are only locally correlated.