Identifying and Exploiting Spatial Regularity in Data Memory References

  title={Identifying and Exploiting Spatial Regularity in Data Memory References},
  author={Tushar Mohan and Bronis R. de Supinski and Sally A. McKee and Frank Mueller and Andy B. Yoo and Martin Schulz},
  journal={ACM/IEEE SC 2003 Conference (SC'03)},
The growing processor/memory performance gap causes the performance of many codes to be limited by memory accesses. If known to exist in an application, strided memory accesses forming streams can be targeted by optimizations such as prefetching, relocation, remapping, and vector loads. Undetected, they can be a significant source of memory stalls in loops. Existing stream-detection mechanisms either require special hardware, which may not gather statistics for subsequent analysis, or are… CONTINUE READING
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