Identifying adverse drug reactions and drug-induced diseases using network-based drug mapping


Drugs are essential for the prevention and treatment of diseases. However, co-administration of multiple drugs may cause serious adverse drug reactions, which are usually known but sometimes unknown. Package inserts of prescription drugs are supposed to contain risks and side effects, but such information is not necessarily complete. At the core of efforts to improve prescription quality, there is reliance on the extent and quality of information used for decision of a medical doctor. To address this on-going need, GraphSAW provides users a comprehensive view on drug-related pharmacological and molecular information. The features of GraphSAW allow users to analyze drug cocktails for adverse drug reactions and drug-induced diseases. Network visualization by drug mapping enables exploring associative networks of drugs, pathways, and diseases to fully understand effects of drugs in an intuitive way. GraphSAW is meant to be a platform and starting point for health professionals and researchers for educational and scientific research in order to achieve substantial improvements in patient safety.

DOI: 10.1142/S0219720015400077

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