Identifying Impressions of Baba Yaga: Navigating the Uses of Attachment and Wonder on Soviet and American Television

  title={Identifying Impressions of Baba Yaga: Navigating the Uses of Attachment and Wonder on Soviet and American Television},
  author={Megan Armknecht and Jill Terry Rudy and Sibelan E. S. Forrester},
  journal={Marvels \& Tales},
  pages={62 - 79}
The rise of Baba Yaga on international television provides an excellent case study for analyzing viewing practices associated with identification and allegiance. In analyzing Baba Yaga’s presence on Soviet and American television, we argue that viewing wonder tales leads to deep and lasting identification, attachment, and allegiance. Baba Yaga’s presence and popularity on Russian and American television allows us to explore how forming such deep impressions of a traditional character on… 
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