Identification of truncated human glutamate transporter.

  title={Identification of truncated human glutamate transporter.},
  author={Yasumasa Matsumoto and Takemi Enomoto and Takashi Masuko},
  journal={The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine},
  volume={187 2},
Excitatory amino-acid carrier 1 (EAAC1) is a high affinity Na+-dependent L-glutamate/D, L-Aspartate transporter protein. A truncated form of EAAC1 (tEAAC1) was identified by reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction in the human cell line, ACHN, in which EAAC1 mRNA was highly expressed. The deduced amino acid sequence of tEAAC1 lacks 31-77 amino acids including the first extracellular domain. The mRNA encoding tEAAC1 was detected in various cells of human origin but not in cells of… CONTINUE READING