Identification of tomato Lhc promoter regions necessary for circadian expression

  title={Identification of tomato Lhc promoter regions necessary for circadian expression},
  author={Birgit Piechulla and Nicole Merforth and Barbara Rudolph},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
Expression of the light-harvesting complex protein genes (Lhc) is under the control of a circadian clock. To dissect the molecular regulatory components of the circadian clock a promoter deletion analysis of four tomato Lhc genes was performed in transgenic tobacco plants. The important 5′-upstream promoter regions are present at different positions relative to the transcription start site of Lhc b11, b12, Lhc a3 and Lhc a4. A short sequence of 47 nucleotides is necessary for conferring… CONTINUE READING
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