Identification of the universal cofactor (auxilin 2) in clathrin coat dissociation.

  title={Identification of the universal cofactor (auxilin 2) in clathrin coat dissociation.},
  author={Akiko Umeda and Anika Meyerholz and Ernst Ungewickell},
  journal={European journal of cell biology},
  volume={79 5},
Uncoating of clathrin-coated vesicles in neuronal cells requires hsc70 in concert with the cofactor auxilin which contains a J-domain as well as a domain with homology to dual specific phosphatases and tensin, known as PTEN. The question of whether an analogous factor operates in other cell types has until now remained unanswered. Here we show that it is the recently discovered and widely expressed cyclin G-associated protein kinase which fulfils the function of neuronal auxilin in hsc70… CONTINUE READING
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