Identification of the platelet ADP receptor targeted by antithrombotic drugs

  title={Identification of the platelet ADP receptor targeted by antithrombotic drugs},
  author={Gunther Hollopeter and H M Jantzen and Diana E Vincent and Georgia Li and Laura England and Vanitha Ramakrishnan and Ruey-Bing Yang and Paquita Nurden and A. Van Nurden and David Julius and Pamela B Conley},
Platelets have a crucial role in the maintenance of normal haemostasis, and perturbations of this system can lead to pathological thrombus formation and vascular occlusion, resulting in stroke, myocardial infarction and unstable angina. ADP released from damaged vessels and red blood cells induces platelet aggregation through activation of the integrin GPIIb–IIIa and subsequent binding of fibrinogen. ADP is also secreted from platelets on activation, providing positive feedback that potentiates… CONTINUE READING
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