Identification of the mechanical properties of bicycle tyres for modelling of bicycle dynamics

  title={Identification of the mechanical properties of bicycle tyres for modelling of bicycle dynamics},
  author={A. Doria and M. Tognazzo and G. Cusimano and V. Bulsink and Adrian Cooke and B. Koopman},
  journal={Vehicle System Dynamics},
  pages={405 - 420}
Advanced simulation of the stability and handling properties of bicycles requires detailed road–tyre contact models. In order to develop these models, in this study, four bicycle tyres are tested by means of a rotating disc machine with the aim of measuring the components of tyre forces and torques that influence the safety and handling of bicycles. The effect of inflation pressure and tyre load is analysed. The measured properties of bicycle tyres are compared with those of motorcycle tyres. 
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