Identification of the major constituents of Hypericum perforatum by LC/SPE/NMR and/or LC/MS.

  title={Identification of the major constituents of Hypericum perforatum by LC/SPE/NMR and/or LC/MS.},
  author={Evangelos C Tatsis and Sjef Boeren and Vassiliki Exarchou and Anastassios N. Troganis and Jacques J.M. Vervoort and Ioannis P. Gerothanassis},
  volume={68 3},

Dereplication of bioactive constituents of the genus hypericum using LC-(+,-)-ESI-MS and LC-PDA techniques: Hypericum triquterifolium as a case study.

  • F. AlaliK. Tawaha
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Saudi pharmaceutical journal : SPJ : the official publication of the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society
  • 2009

Rapid identification and evaluation of antioxidant compounds from extracts of Petasites japonicus by hyphenated-HPLC techniques.

The results demonstrate that the hyphenated HPLC techniques can be successfully applied to rapidly identify structures and evaluate antioxidant activities without prior purification of compounds from plant tissues of P. japonicus.

Application of Spectroscopic Methods and Hyphenated Techniques to the Analysis of Complex Plant Extracts

Through the selected examples of different classes of secondary metabolites two general approaches in the analysis of complex mixtures of natural products are presented. The first one involves

Identification and Quantification of Flavonoids and Phenolic Acids in Burr Parsley (Caucalis platycarpos L.), Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode Array Detection and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

An accurate, precise and sensitive LC-DAD method for quantification of four phenolic acids and luteolin-7-O-glucoside was the predominant flavonoid glycoside in C. platycarpos extract, which was validated in terms of linearity, limit of detection,limit of quantification, precision and accuracy.

Rapid screening of lignans from Phyllanthus myrtifolius and stilbenoids from Syagrus romanzoffiana by HPLC-SPE-NMR.

HPLC-SPE-NMR associated with HR-ESI/MS, which consumed only analytical amounts of partially purified mixtures, was demonstrated to be a good tool for rapid screening of both known and new natural products.

Metabolomics assisted fingerprint of Hypericum perforatum chemotypes and assessment of their cytotoxic activity.




Hyphenation of solid-phase extraction with liquid chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance: application of HPLC-DAD-SPE-NMR to identification of constituents of Kanahia laniflora.

The HPLC-DAD-SPE-NMR technique speeds up the dereplication of complex mixtures of natural origin significantly, by characterization of individual extract components prior to preparative isolation work.

Identification of radical scavenging compounds in Rhaponticum carthamoides by means of LC-DAD-SPE-NMR.

A hyphenated LC-DAD-SPE-NMR setup in combination with on-line radical scavenging detection has been applied for the identification of radical scavenging compounds in extracts of

Determination of naphthodianthrones and phloroglucinols from Hypericum perforatum extracts by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.

A sensitive high performance liquid chromatography/electrospray tandem mass spectrometric method for fast simultaneous determination of six major naphthodianthrones and phloroglucinols of Hypericum perforatum extract has been developed.

Phenolic compounds from Hypericum perforatum.

During a re-investigation of phenolic compounds from the dried crude drug material of St. John's wort, 22phenolic compounds were detected by HPLC; 14 of them were quantified using the same system and quercetin-3-O-(2"-O-acetyl)-beta-D-galactoside was identified as a new natural product.

LC-DAD-MS/SPE-NMR hyphenation. A tool for the analysis of pharmaceutically used plant extracts: identification of isobaric iridoid glycoside regioisomers from Harpagophytum procumbens.

Pedaliaceae root extract was combined with a hyphenated LC-DAD-MS/SPE-NMR technique, thus providing the spectral data needed for structure elucidation that allowed the characterization of isobaric iridoid glycoside regioisomers present only as minor constituents.

High performance liquid chromatography/electrospray mass spectrometry of Hypericum perforatum extracts.

The present work reports the analysis of naphthodianthrones and phloroglucinols in H. perforatum extracts by means of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled simultaneously to a diode array detector (DAD) and electrospray mass spectrometry (ESI-MS).

Liquid chromatographic/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometric study of the phenolic composition of cocoa (Theobroma cacao).

Liquid chromatography coupled with ionspray mass spectrometry in the tandem mode (LC/MS/MS) with negative ion detection was used for the identification of a variety of phenolic compounds in a cocoa sample to provide characteristic ions for each family of flavonoids.